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About Us

TAG Marine has one of the most knowledgeable marine mechanics in the area. Trained at the Mercury Engine Repair School and then combined with extensive product testing on the water TAG can give you the best possible service and the most for your money.

Owning a boat is an investment in your family’s fun on the water. Never miss an opportunity to enjoy your time on the water because your boat is landlocked. Let us handle your service work so you can focus on what you do best—enjoying your time on your boat!

TAG Marine Services is dedicated to offering you the best boat service from the second your boat arrives to long after your boat leaves our shop. We will inspect your boat and offer a plan for repairs. We will provide estimates and inform you of other potential issues that could delay your boating season.

We specialize in getting you back on the water!

Have had nothing but good relations and positive results from the boys at Tag Marine . Nice people to do business with . Thanks guys.
Pat M.